We're a digital media production company crafted to today's marketers and storytellers. Whether the story is about new technology, a social issue, a non-profit, a corporation or an individual, we help our clients successfully engage with their audience and communicate their story. Curious to learn more? Let's chat!

  • S/M/L/XL, Effective Ideas

    Strategic Thinking, Concept Development, Writing and Storyboarding. Together we’ll find the right solution for your marketing needs.

  • Cross-platform, Efficient Execution

    Video Production/Post, Animation, Podcast, Web and Graphic Design. We’ll execute it right and help you reach your marketing goals.

Lil' Love from Our Clients:

I am a Director/Cameraman and a thirty-year member of the Directors Guild of America. Prior to semi-retiring to Prescott, Arizona, I was a Creative Director at Robert Abel & Associates and later owned and operated my own film production company, Bruce Dorn Films, in Hollywood, California. My resume and client list is available online at My Fortune 500 clientele has given me the luxury of commissioning the editorial services of the finest editors in both Hollywood & New York. The fact that I accidentally discovered the gifted and diligent Cadu Medina working as an Editor in Prescott has contributed greatly to my ability to remain active with an enviable list of National & International clients. Cadu can find a good story in weak footage and a great story in good footage. Cadu is visionary, insightful, diligent, and very reliable. If you're smart, you'll use him whenever he has a spare moment.

Bruce Dorn, BHD, Inc.

I’ve worked in the communications business for 35 years—across all mediums and platforms, with scores of creatives and marketing professionals. Cadu Medina at CRAF2M represents that rare breed of human that is first and foremost nice, trustworthy, collaborative, creative, and business savvy. He has always demonstrated an ability to thoughtfully appraise a project, hone in on its essence and clearly communicate his recommended strategy. The end result: delivery of a product that is better than what I had envisioned. Always on-time and within budget. If you’re looking for a professional that can help your business successfully navigate the strategic planning>creative development>audience engagement process, I can make no better recommendation than CRAF2M.

Kim Kapin, Yavapai College