Located in Prescott, Arizona, Synergy is a special kind of small business. A rare kind that takes “branding” very seriously. They understand that branding is more than just your logo and colors; it’s also everything people say about you when you’re not in the room. More importantly, they understand the importance of authenticity to create a strong brand. But how do you create an “authentic” brand? Make it all about YOU.

Their brand reflects their community-centric business foundations and happy healthy living core values. The execution of their branding is simple, visible and consistent. From the soothing office interior design, wall colors and decor, to the soft spoken, well-mannered front desk staff; every customer touch point is aligned with their brand guidelines and “feels” like its owner’s personality. Ben Wojciak, Chiropractor and Synergy’s founder and owner, is just like that. The kind of guy who lives and leads others to choose a happy, healthy lifestyle. He realizes the importance of bringing as much of his personality into his business to create an authentic and sustainable value proposition for his patients.

Chris Ducker, a successful entrepreneur and business coach often says: it’s a P2P world, not a B2B or B2C, where people want to do business with other people – not big faceless chains and brands. I believe that’s especially true for small businesses. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, you are in the business of YOU. Your story, personality, the things you’re passionate about and what’s unique, authentic about you are generally the key components and essence of your business. So make sure your brand represents not only your business foundations and core values, but also YOU!

This “About Us” video was produced to tell Ben’s story and personal journey into building Synergy Wellness Center, a business that means more than just a wellness center to him; creating a movement, a community of people who believe in living and inspiring a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Client: Synergy Wellness Center
Producer/Writer: Craf2m
Cinematography: Big Picture Video
Post-production: Craf2m