We got a text message from our good friends at Captain Crossfit on Thursday asking if we could come to their 4th Annual 19 Hotshots Memorial Event that weekend and “just do what you can to capture some footage.”And of course we said yes!

Our goal was not to “just capture some footage” and cover the event, but also capture the essence of their brand, the “blood and tears” and hard work that their members put into their workout. And especially in this case, they paid homage and supported the families of the fallen 19 Hotshots who died in the 2013 Yarnell Hill Fire.

Want to build a strong brand? Support a cause that aligns with your core values and show your customers what your business is all about. Want to engage and build stronger relationships with your customers? Share your stories – especially through video!

Client: Captain Crossfit
Producer/Writer: Craf2m
Cinematography: Craf2m and Big Picture Video
Post-production: Craf2m