The Center for Physical Excellence is a locally owned physical therapy practice located in Prescott and Prescott Valley, AZ. They specialize in helping people achieve major personal physical transformations through direct, hands-on, therapeutic treatments and training techniques. The owner, Laura Markey, is an experienced licensed physical therapist who is passionate about her business and actively involved in the Prescott area community.

Their motto “building on small victories” translates their commitment to serving their patients on an “individual needs” basis. And their 98.6% Patient Satisfaction Rating is an attestment to how deeply their foundational principles are ingrained in their business and culture.

Doing your best and fulfilling your promises is the only sustainable way to build a positive reputation and a strong brand. Their 98.6% approval rate is an attestment to how well they execute on their promises.

We created this “about us/brand essence” video for their website and Social Media channels, to create brand awareness and give their audience a look into these foundational principles and cultural values.

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Client: Center for Physical Excellence
Producer/Writer: Craf2m
Cinematography: Craf2m
Post-production: Craf2m