Comfort Pro is a small heating and cooling company in Prescott, AZ . Their motto, “Excellence you can feel” drives their commitment to customer care, comfort and satisfaction, through skilled, friendly and quality service. I met Rob Kunzmann, the owner and founder, at a job site on a cool fall morning here in Prescott to capture some footage and an impromptu interview, that later resulted in this short “about us” video.

Our goal was to create a brand essence video to give people a clear and honest look at Comfort Pro’s core values and personality. You’ve heard that customers don’t buy your products, they buy your story. So, to tell Comfort Pro’s story, we had Rob basically answer three simple questions: when and why did you start your business, what do you offer and who is your target audience, and what motivates you to do what you do?

All your audience wants to know about your business is pretty much captured in the answers to these three basic questions. They are your business’s mission and core values: your Why, What and How. Ultimately, these answers are the foundation that make up your brand. That’s why it is important to communicate your business’s mission, core values and personality every time you engage with your audience, in every phase of your marketing lifecycle.

This video demonstrates how you can efficiently and effectively tell your story by answering these three simple questions. After that, remember to focus on delivering quality content and creative engagement to your audience, back it up by fulfilling your promises (products, services and experience), and watch your audience build your brand reputation and referral network (word-of-mouth) for you. It’s that simple!

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Client: Comfort Pro Heating and Cooling
Producer/Writer: Craf2m
Cinematography: Craf2m
Post-production: Craf2m