Bruce Dorn, cinematographer and creative director, is the mastermind behind this great brand campaign developed for Continental Tires. He wrote, produced and shot every one of these “color tinted” :30 TV spots. Craf2m handles most of Bruce Dorn’s post production work, and this campaign has been probably the most challenging yet most rewarding post production work of all.

We have post produced a few of these TV spots in red, blue, gold, green…on subjects from soccer to mountain biking, car racing and snowboarding. All with Continental’s brand at the center of it all. From scripts and storyboards we moved right along to assisting in some highly elaborated shoots, then on to selecting best shots, editing scenes, adding graphics, keying and animating silhouettes, and sound designing every single one of these great looking, unique, exceptionally-challenging pieces of branded storytelling. Total success and to our good fortune we’re already working on Conti’s 2016 campaign!

Check out some of the corporate work we’ve also post produced for Bruce Dorn and Continental Tires. These are short documentaries labeled Conti Stories, that tell the stories of some pretty interesting companies and their relationship with Continental Tires. Great cinematography, interviews, people, and businesses, on all of these pieces. And without fail (and we love it this way), Bruce shoots a boatload of incredible angles for the story, then hands it off to us for some “editing magic”. And voila!

Also check out the work we’ve post produced for General Tires. They are also Bruce Dorn’s clients and their 2015 brand campaign looks great, with lots of creative “day dreaming” storytelling in their :30 TV spots.