Y Tire Sales is a tire and auto repair shop with multiple locations in the US. They’re proud of their history and wanted to produce a corporate brand video focused not on their products and services, but their story.

You’ve hear that “people buy your story, not your products.” This is a great execution that demonstrates that, to effectively connect with your audience, you shouldn’t focus too much on the features of your products and services, but rather on your story and the emotional benefits and solutions you offer to your customer’s problems.

This production was shot in two steps: first the interview, then a collection of b-roll footage captured around one of their facilities in Los Angeles, CA. In post, we first built the overall story by pulling the most compelling bits of information from the interview. Then we populated the timeline with masterfully captured b-roll clips to enhance the storytelling. Watch the resulting brand video:

Client: Y Tire Sales
Producer/Writer: Bruce Dorn
Cinematography: Bruce Dorn
Post-production: Craf2m