Have you ever heard the phrase, “Your business is only as good as your team”? Maybe not, because we just made it up. Sure, we churn out some pretty awesome work (no bias here, whatsoever!) but what makes the biggest impact for Craf2m, is the relationship we have with our clients. Our team members are the center of that. Not only are they super talented and passionate, but they treat every client’s business as if it were their own – and that level of dedication is a rare quality to find. Every month, we’re going to spotlight something unique about one of our Craf2m team members. This month, we’re highlighting our Account Director / Super Cool Digital Guru, Chalease Linderman. No literally, she’s cool.

Chalease hails all the way from the snowy abyss of Alaska. Living in igloos most of her life, she’s new to the deserts of Arizona. For anyone who thinks Alaskans really live in igloos, they don’t, she assures. She defies the rugged, beard-wearin’, bear shooting, clam-diggin’, igloo-livin’ stereotype we’ve come to expect from the Alaskan reality shows. She loves fashion, is heavily involved with hip hop music, is a mom of two spunky girls, loves traveling to new places, and actually despises clams and fishing. Here’s a shot from her more recent excursion to Mexico!

Above all, she cares a lot about people.Before moving to Arizona, she helped volunteer for homeless and at-risk youth organizations, and spearheaded several fund development initiatives for Alaskan nonprofits. That same passion for helping people carried over with her to Arizona. The first two years of living in Prescott, she helped pull together the strategies of the now rapidly-growing teen center, The Launch Pad, as Marketing Chair. She’s worked with Yavapai Food Bank, Yavapai Humane Society, Prescott Creeks, and facilitated workshops for Women’s Empowerment Breakthrough. She truly cares about her community and the people living in it. “For me, I love making every day better for other people. From marketing projects, to buying someone a coffee behind me, to massive volunteer projects – I love it. I’ve learned that all the details count – no matter how big or small the gesture is. This same principle carries over to my work,” she says.

The level of drive and digital marketing expertise she has makes her an invaluable asset to Craf2m and our clients. She’s so much fun to work with, has a creative mind that always offers a unique perspective on every project, and is always transparent and honest. We’re excited to have her on board, and look forward to you all meeting her so you can experience what we get to everyday!