Meet Cavan Barry

The name’s Barry. Cavan Barry. Artiste, punk music snob, and Craf2M’s graphic design extraordinaire.

Starting his career in the world of architecture, Cavan realized he had a plethora of creativity that wasn’t being used to its fullest potential. His craving for a creative outlet paired with his raw talents were the makings to spark a change in careers.  

“Ever since I was a teenager, I’d sketch out company logos. I loved typography, and it still carries over to this day,” Cavan reminisces. That’s when he enrolled into Yavapai College for Graphic Design. After obtaining his degree, he began to freelance, and as fate would have it, found out about an opportunity to join the (super awesome) Craf2M team.

When we asked him what keeps him going in this creative field, he admits that he’s got a soft spot for startup companies. The branding for any company is crucial, but it’s especially important for startups – and he loves being a part of a company from the get-go. It’s a pivotal moment in a business’s life.

Staying this creative and fueling the passion for the arts doesn’t take a whole lot for Cavan. He’s a huge music buff, and on any given weekend, you might find him headbangin’ in a mosh pit of a punk rock concert. And if you’re thinking about giving that extra concert ticket to him, you’re outta luck. He prefers to fly solo. Why? “I like to do my own thing. I find that I enjoy the show way more when I’m able to run around, and sing my heart out without worrying what anyone thinks,” he gushes. This sparks the question – what does Mr. Barry look like at a punk concert? We may never know.

While you may not be able to mosh with him, he’s always up for karaoke. He loves being around big groups of people and going to events, and even hosting parties where he’s the head chef. “I’m terrible at portion control, but when I have a party, I have more people to eat my what would be leftovers! It’s a win-win,” Cavan laughs.

Though he might seem like a social butterfly, he’s a bit of an introvert. (Yeah, we’re still talking about the same guy who’s the Gatsby of the ball.) He enjoys his alone time with his 15 pound Bengal cat, Tyrion, kicking back with some pizza, while watching Game of Thrones or New Girl.

When we asked him about his goals, he took a second to think about it. “That’s tough,” he says. “I’d like to live in Oregon. I love the rainy weather. It’s so relaxing, smells clean, and looks fresh. Then, I’d like to just get lost in Europe for a month or two. Paris, Scandinavia – somewhere around that part of Europe.” he decides.

Vouloir, c’est pouvoir, Cavan.

Cavan Barry