Meet Michael Bruce Thompson

What’s better than a serial entrepreneur whose got a serious knack for creativity and music endeavors? A firefighting, business owning, video-creating, tattoo wielding wizard named Michael Bruce Thompson, that’s who.

Michael moved to Prescott from Southern California at the age of 15 thinking that he wanted to be a doctor without borders, bringing medical services to third-world countries who didn’t have access to health care. Though he did find a way to continue helping people, something tugged him in a different direction.

At the tender age of 20, Michael worked for the renowned lifestyle brand, Volcom. His role was in marketing, but he had a very special task – and that was to build Volcom’s record label. During his 6 years working with Volcom, Michael signed popular bands like Pepper and CKY. But this was just the beginning of a very diverse, exciting resume.

After moving back to Prescott, Michael began diversifying his work experience in multiple industries. He has worked with cellular giants like AT&T and Sprint, focusing on marketing, customer service, sales, and even helped build out Prescott’s network for cellular reception back in 2005. He’s worked for local TV shows. He’s part of a growing podcast called, “Old Bones & Tales of Tattoos” on iTunes. He’s even helped with the wildland firefighters to keep communities alerted about fire dangers. And it gets even better.

His passion for supporting firefighters runs deep. Michael has sat on the board of the Wildland Firefighter Foundation in Boise, ID to help families of injured and deceased firefighters. The W.F.F. help do things like: arrange flights, funerals, and raise money for families of fallen or injured firefighters. As if that’s not enough, Michael is certified in stress management and psychological first aid for firefighters. His role is to counsel and talk to firefighters who have experienced traumatic circumstances.

We did say Michael has quite the eclectic background, did we not? Yeah, he’s also an entrepreneur! About 10 years ago, Michael and his wife stumbled across a business opportunity that was hard to pass up. They bought a property management company, helping people invest in real estate to use their property as income. Today? They now manage a whopping half billion dollars in assets.

So why on earth does he work for Craf2m?

“I like being busy, and I have to be creative,” he says. “My goal is to grow Craf2M into the ‘go-to’ marketing agency for the United States. I want to land a big account for CRAF2M, help people achieve ROI on marketing dollars, and exceed those goals,” he continues. Aww, thanks Michael.

Michael’s creative spirit, undying work ethic, and commitment to his community, friends, and family has made him an invaluable asset to the Craf2M team. We’re not entirely sure how he does it all. Community champion, business owner, marketing guru, dad of two, National Park explorer, and goat dad of two. (When asked what the purpose of his goats were, and if he planned on eating them, he responded, horrified, “No! They’re great landscaping pets. They’re part of the family.”)

Well, we’re glad to have you anyway, Michael.

Michael Bruce Thompson Marketing Team Member