Dr. Mark Costes is a successful entrepreneur and a business/marketing powerhouse. His Dental Success Institute, DSI business empire, and the recently launched but equally successful, Six Figure Side Gig podcast, are a great example of what a successful implementation of “across all platforms” content marketing strategy looks like.

With services and products ranging from dental services to info-marketing, DSI connects with their audience efficiently, effectively, and more importantly, consistently via traditional Marketing, Video, Podcast, Online, Social Media, etc. We are so happy to be their trusted video and podcast production/post-production partners.

The video you’ll see here is a montage from their last Mastermind 2-day event held in Washington, DC. We tag along and film about 4 of these a year since 2013. This montage features the highlights from the event, but shorter pieces have been edited from several presentations, and shared via blog posts and podcasts episodes. These are just a few ways Dr. Mark Costes and his team of professional marketers connect with their loyal audience of thousands of viewers and listeners all over the world.

Check out their Six Figure Side Gig podcast for some nuggets of business and marketing wisdom and inspiration.