Bears, beards, and brewskis. This is what manhood is all about. Sprinkle in a dash of patriotism, rock ‘n’ roll music, and bro-tastic haircuts – now what do you have? John Hancock Barbershop.

We work with some pretty awesome clients, and we’re shining a spotlight on them to acknowledge the great work they’re doing in our community. Building a successful business means putting your customer first, and we’re proud to highlight John Hancock Barbershop this month.

In 2014, military veteran Grant Quezada moved back to Prescott, only to find there was no place that catered specifically to a man’s grooming experience. Sure, you could find a place that offered a decent cut, but it didn’t feel like anything special. It was that moment he made the decision to pioneer a masculine haven for Prescott’s men.

Quezada crafted a space designed to emulate a classic ‘man-cave’ experience unlike anything else. The result? A slam-dunk with all who enter. One look at their raving Facebook Reviews, and you’ll see they don’t just have happy customers – they’ve acquired a cult-like following in a short amount of time.

So what has created this type of loyalty? Grant chalks it up to John Hancock’s “Consistency and ability for customers to just come in and be themselves. Our quality of service, authenticity, and immersive experience has created a loyalty that’s rare.” One glance at their shop’s interior, and you totally get it. The barbershop exudes the classic masculine character. You’re surrounded by wood and metal textiles, there’s a shuffleboard and darts upstairs, televisions plastered on the wall, and cold beer awaiting guests. This is every man’s dream. In fact, a woman once entered into the barbershop with her husband and declared that she “felt like she was walking into sacred ground,” Grant reminisced.

John Hancock Barbershop Customers

Starting a business like John Hancock Barbershop can be a daunting task. A new concept in a specific market, with a unique brand personality, and starting from ground zero – it’s scary. “If you’re going to do something, go big or go home,” Grant advises. “Work hard, strive to provide better products or services than anyone competing against you, focus on your customers, and above all: pay attention to the details – they matter.” Boy, does his shop embrace this philosophy. His commitment to his customers supersedes anything else. He doesn’t just sell haircuts, he sells the experience. The environment and the culture he’s created, and the passion he puts into everything is what makes the difference for John Hancock Barbershop.

There are a lot of things that can take business owners away from their true passion, but for Grant, he’s more passionate now than ever before. “My favorite thing is connecting with and learning from the interesting men in my seat. These guys are business owners, government officials, community champions, and everyone in between. Being able to learn from them is incredible,” he says. “It’s also cool that our barbershop chair creates a way for these guys to network and collaborate in the future,” It’s these types of interactions that push him to pursue bigger endeavors. Like their upcoming expansion into a 9,000 square foot building in downtown Prescott by the end of this year. “There will be a full bar, barbershop, secret speakeasy, and even gun shop,” Grant gushes. “The goal is to make it the ultimate cornucopia for men.” Are you stoked yet?

Leave your professionalism at the door, gents. Sneak out of your dress-up tea parties with your daughters. Break away from the perils of everyday life. It’s time for some much-deserved ‘you’ time at the shop. Go and grab your favorite brewski, hang out for a bit, and enjoy being treated like the king you are. You can book your next appointment online – so skip the lengthy waits and soak up all the awesomeness that is John Hancock Barbershop.