Since 1888, this traditional event has occurred annually over the 4th of July weekend with eight breathtaking performances, right here in our hometown of Prescott Arizona. We were invited by our friends at Prescott Frontier Days to produce a series of videos, to tell the world about the tradition of world’s oldest rodeo and win the hearts (and travel plans by invitation) of thousands of fans of this popular event.

To properly tell the story of the world’s oldest rodeo and honor the tradition of this centennial event, we asked the pros, “old cowboys,” to tell the story. This video series is headed by a short documentary featuring JC Trujillo, followed by a variety of testimonial videos featuring retired and active professional cowboys and community members, including Calvin Stuart, John Bassett, John Kieckhefer, Mella Dee Wagner, Tom Richards, Tricia Lewis, and many more. These videos were used to promote the event and engage with their audience on Social Media and YouTube.