I, Cadu Medina, live in Prescott, Arizona; and really love this place. So when I was approached to work on this project, I jumped at the opportunity.

Kim Kapin, long-time TV producer, writer, marketing specialist, was the head of public relations for the city at the time, and he produced and wrote the script to what would become one of the most important projects in my career as a video editor. It not only gave me notoriety in this market as a video editor/producer (this piece was nominated to an Emmy and our names were all over the local news), but it also gave me the opportunity to meet and collaborate with two of my favorite, long-time friends and clients: cinematographer Bruce Dorn and Kim Kapin. Today Kim is head of marketing for Yavapai College.

Kim Kapin wrote the script, Bruce Dorn provided us with about 90% of the footage, and I handled the editing and sound design. The goal was to build a video documentary with a great variety of the local flavor to promote and grow the tourism to this interestingly fun Arizona small town.