This is a pro-bono project I, Cadu Medina, produced with my friends and cinematographer Bruce Dorn and writer Asa Bjorklund.

My kids go to this school, and I served as a board member at the time of the production of this video. Primavera is a small charter school here in Prescott, Arizona. They have a very loyal student base, but they needed to improve their enrollment for 2015. They didn’t have any resources for advertising. So we decided to produce this video to tell and share their awesome story through social media and help support their referral-centric enrollment strategy.

The video was posted on their website and Facebook page. An email with a link directing traffic to their website was also sent out to their mailing list. Their website and Facebook traffic went up 500% during the launch of the video. Mission accomplished! Enrollment is at an all-time high.

This is another good example of how content, context and social media can help your business or cause.