Meet Steve Hollingsworth

Badass drummer. Photography genius. Creative videographer. Proud cat dad of three. These are only the few things that make our very own Media Production Associate, Steve Hollingsworth, well, Steve.

Originally from Las Vegas, Steve grew up in Prescott, AZ. Upon his early high school years, Steve was a skateboarder and rock ‘n’ roll creative at heart.  His love for entertainment drew him into video production. When we asked him what, specifically, sparked his passion, he hesitates for a second before responding with “Remember that show Jackass?” Come on, Johnny Knoxville and his band of daring clowns were everyone’s role model at the age of 13.

The rest you could say, was history. “From there on, I always had my camera on me. My friends and I were really into making stupid short films,” Steve continued.

His work ethic is probably most impressive on his list of characteristics. After taking a video production course at the age of 15, the local television station offered up an internship to the entire class. Everyone initially jumped at the opportunity, including Steve. However, the enthusiasm faded quickly when the station announced it was going to be an unpaid position. Steve was the only one to accept the internship. “I didn’t care I was working for free. I knew I’d be able to use the equipment, learn how to use the equipment, and get the hands-on experience I needed. I mean, to be around what I love all the time was enough for me.” Steve recalled. Little did he know, his career in broadcast was about to begin.

He worked in television broadcasting for 5 years before being presented an opportunity to work as a content creator for a helicopter company. Yeah, his job was literally to hang out of helicopters in some of the most beautiful places and film. But the coolest part might not be his actual employment – it’s how he got there.

Around the time DSLR video was introduced to the main population, Steve bought his first digital film camera and began shooting music videos and getting more creative behind the camera. He shot a music video for his heavy metal band, Storm of Perception, that began to generate a buzz, and eventually attracted the big-time helicopter company to court him for video production and photography.

Now, Craf2M has him to create some killer content for our digital partners. *Cue evil laugh* His love and passion for cinematic videography and creative lighting lends a unique perspective for our client’s digital content needs. We can attest to this. When you work with Steve, you can practically feel the passion behind his work. It’s fun and you know that 100% of the time, you will get 100% of his talents.

So what’s next for Big Time Steve? He loves traveling with his fiance. They’ve explored places like Japan and Indonesia, and he hopes to continue adding to his list of experiences. “It’s the culture I love. Learning about how other people live, and being a part of it is really cool,” he says. But he hasn’t totally thrown his rock-dreams to the wayside, either. Eventually, he admits, he wants to tour with his band internationally.

Rock on, Steve.